0PPM Portable 100GPD Reverse Osmosis RO+DI Filtration POQ-4B-100

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0 PPM 100 Gallon Per Day Reef 4 stage Reverse Osmosis Reef Water Filter System 

Ideal for Aquarium/Travel/ Apartment/ RV/ Mobile Home/Yacht 

To reach 50 gallons per day, you must have 65 PSI incoming water pressure. 

This item include all filters , membrane and a sink faucet adapter.

Please check our picture to make sure the adapter is working for you, or you may need to consider to use different adapter.

We also carry 1/2″ ( 3/8″) under sink adapter or 3/4″ garden hose adapter. please contact us for more detail. 

item include 12 ft 1/4″ RO tube for your installation need. 

Make perfect 0 PPM water for your aquarium purpose(when incoming water source less than 300PPM). 

RO require 40-80 PSI water pressure to operate, no electric power need 

change 1st-2nd stage filter per 6-12 month, change membrane per 12-24 month, change DI filter per 300-400 gallons to keep a perfect performance This system could start to generate the pure water at 35PSI, and the best situation is 65PSI.

If the pressure of the incoming tap water is too low, you have to buy extra booster pump to get it work.

The Pre-filter can work for 6-12 months and create the 2000-4000 gallons pure water.

The membrane can work for 24-36 months and create the 54,000 – 110,000 gallons pure water.

DI filter works for 400-500 gallons.

GPD = Gallons Per Day (how many gallons of pure water can be produced per day)

All RO systems will generate not only pure but also waste water.

Normally, when using a flow restrictor (450 ML) with 65 PSI at 25 degrees Celsius, the ratio of pure water to waste water generated is 1:3.

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