Boning Coils – Hoopsteel 14mm wide, 25 meters

$137.82 (as of April 22, 2018, 12:33 am)

Usually ships in 4-5 business days

This is our strongest hoop steel which is capable of supporting large hoops and heavy fabrics without collapsing. It cannot be used for the tighter curves required by a bustle. Even though this is strong steel, you should have at least 5 hoops for stability and one coil could be enough for 2-3 Fathingales or Hoops. There are connectors to make the hoop making process easier – just slide the connectors onto the cut ends of the steel (scroll down for product #00-8400-14).

Boning Coils – Hoopsteel #50-8406-14. 14mm (9/16″) wide, .6mm thick. Sold in the 25 meter coil.

Caution: This hoop steel is made of spring steel and the cable ties that bind the coils should NEVER be cut. Not only because you will have a major tangled mess on your hands but because they are coiled under pressure and cutting the ties is dangerous. Spring steel naturally wants to “spring” out straight.

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