Kikuichi 6.5″ Ice Hardened Molybdenum Stainless Santoku Knife

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Bring legend to life with a 6.5 Inch Ice Hardened Santoku Knife Set by Kikuichi that holds the history of the ancient Japanese Samurais in its wake. Kikuichi, whose full name is Kikuichii-Monjyu-Shiro-Kanenaga, is known for excellence and its rich history, dating back 700 years. It was during the reign of Emperor Gotoba, that Shiro Kanenaga a swordsmith of Samurai swords was authorized to use the emperor’s chrysanthemum symbol on his work, as a mark of excellence. After the Meiji Revolution and the end of the Samurai, Kikuichi reinvented itself as a maker of superb cutlery. Today, their original swords are on display at the Seikado Museum in Tokyo and are considered national treasures. Made of a molybdenum stainless steel, this beautiful Santoku Knife is hand crafted, and goes through an extreme heating and cooling process to give it extra durability, allowing it to hold its edge better and longer. Its dimpled blade is designed to help keep food from sticking, so your kitchen prep process can be even smoother. For cleaning your Santoku Knife, hand wash with hot water and dry immediately afterwards. From slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables to preparing your favorite meal, impress your guests with a beautiful Japanese Santoku Knife with a rich history and cultural background. Features: Japanese Santoku Knife ASUS10 Molybdenum Stainless Steel Dimpled blade to keep food from sticking Hand crafted Created through extreme heat and cold process for durability Hard and durable edge helps to hold an edge Light and well-balanced Click Here to Browse More Products by Kikuichi

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