KITBCP450019HOF610032 – Value Kit – Packaging Dynamics PB19 Grease-Resistant Sandwich/Pastry Bags (BCP450019) and HOFFMASTER Fluted Bake Cups (HOF610032)

$110.72 (as of April 25, 2018, 1:13 am)

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lt;stronggt;BCP450019lt;/stronggt;lt;BR/gt;Packaging Dynamics PB19 Grease-Resistant Sandwich/Pastry Bagslt;BR/gt;Waxed paper bags provide excellent grease-resistant benefits. Undercut opening makes them easy to open and easy to load. Flat-storage design allows you to keep a good supply where you need them most. Application:;BR/gt;lt;BR/gt;lt;stronggt;HOF610032lt;/stronggt;lt;BR/gt;Packaging Dynamics PB19 Grease-Resistant Sandwich/Pastry Bagslt;BR/gt;Standard, fan-style cups fill your cupcake- and muffin-baking needs. Wax-coated paper ensures easy-to-peel performance. AOK K-Parve certification. Food Container Type: Baking Cup/Circle Materials: Paper.

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