Nescafe Barista red 012165032

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Remains of cappuccino also espresso type also think a single button. Always of gold blended with Koumibaisen of eco & system easily five types of coffee menu is home for coffee machine that can make in the pack. New popular red lineup.

varistor is eco & system dedicated coffee machine. You can use the eco-system and pack of gold blended with Koumibaisen. (Ekuseraeko & system pack can not be used.)

From Amazon
● It is a home for the coffee machine to use the only instant coffee in the world
Easy operation of the push of a button ●, 5 types of menu (espresso type, black coffee, black coffee mug size, cappuccino, cafe latte) is I can make
● Use the Nescafe Eco & System pack refill. (Nescafe Gold Blend Eco & system pack, Nescafe Koumibaisen Eco & system pack, the Nescafe president eco & system pack you can use)
● You can not escape the smell of coffee powder in a sealed coffee tank. Machine of cleaning is easy
● It has been added in the most popular Red ゙Ga new color in the coffee machine. Please choose according to the color of your room

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